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  • Jean Excel Professional Cosmetics

    Top Eco-friendly Plant Cosmetics

    Jean Excel Professional Cosmetics was introduced to Taiwan from Kehi, a small town located on river Rhine, Germany during 1994.
    Jean Excel has been constantly researching and developing the latest anti-aging biotechnological skincare products based on the professional salon brand, producing products featuring ideal skincare effects without safety concerns for all types of skins.
    Taiwan has taken over the R&D and production as of 2014. Besides continuing with the formula for green biotechnological anti-aging skincare products, it has further improved to offer a formula that suits oriental people’s skin even better with a whitening ingredient, which has already accomplished the ideal effects.

    Enjoy entering the world of aromatherapy

    Essential oil is a type of fragrant liquid substance extracted from flowers, leaves, roots and fruits of plants. It is one of the great resources that has not yet been developed, and it is further the supporting system to nature, capable of preventing diseases and eliminating sicknesses.
    The use of essential oil for European traditional aromatherapy is similar to the use of herbs for Chinese medicine. However, since essential oil features different chemical structure as compared to common drugs, the healing effects from its applications differentiates greatly as well.
    The so-called aromatherapy is an alternative approach to accomplish macrobiotic living, beauty treatment and even regulation of emotions via the applications of essential oil.
    French Europal essential oil is 100% pure natural essential oil, which has quality certification from the FCC. It is extracted from natural organic and unpolluted plants to ensure the best essential oil quality.
    There are several hundred types of essential oils, each featuring different functions and effects, resulting in majority of the consumers having no idea of how to purchase and use them correctly.
    One actually only need to get hold of the basic pure essential oils featuring the vastest daily applications to create compound essential oil aromatherapy with various functions and effects.
    There are hundreds of types of essential oils, and each essential oil features different functions and effects.
    One actually only needs to get hold of the 10 main health care pure essential oils with the vastest daily applications to create compound essential oil aromatherapy with various functions and effects.
  • AArtherme

    Natural ingredients

    The brand AARTHERME comes from a river call AAR which under the Switzerland Interlaken Mountain.
    AARTHERME established on 2001 cooperate with CRB Laboratory Switzerland Bio-cosmetic Ltd devoted in research and develop product line.
    In order to fit Asian skin type, AARTHEME adjusts its formula in Taiwan in 2014.Our mission is maintain the natural ingredients from Switzerland and pursue the environment sustainable development.